Kerry Peru, Secretary

Kerry M. Peru is the Senior Organic Mass Spectrometry Technologist with the Aquatic Ecosystem Protection Research Division, Environment Canada, Saskatoon. His primary research interests include the fate, transport and characterization of toxic substances from Western Canada’s oil sands industry, remediation strategies and the development of new methodologies utilizing high resolution and tandem mass spectrometry.

Kerry is recognized by his peers nationally and internationally by his contributions in the field of environmental mass spectrometry; he has co-authored over 60 externally peer-reviewed publications, book and encyclopedia chapters and numerous conference proceedings/presentations.  He has been involved in many international collaborative research studies pertaining to environmental contaminant research. Mr. Peru serves is Chairman of the Program Advisory Committee to the Chemical Technology Program, Saskatchewan Institute of Science and Technology and was formerly the Chair of the Saskatchewan Mass Spectrometry User’s Group.  He is active in advancing education in the area of analytical chemistry by serving as technical supervisor for research of organic contaminants in aquatic environments for many graduate students/post docs over the course of his career (approximately 35 to date).

Kerry participates as part of the organizing committee for the Tandem Mass Spectrometry Workshop - Lake Louise, Alberta and chairs the organizing committee for the Western Canadian Trace Organic Workshop when held in Saskatchewan. 

Mr. Peru has received both a Suggestion Award and a Citation of Excellence from the National Water Research Institute, Environment Canada recognizing his efforts and accomplishments relating to the research of the fate and transport of toxic substance in the environment. Kerry has received two national awards: 1) the “Caledon Award” which recognizes “significant scientific, technological or administrative contributions to the analytical chemistry of trace organic residues"  and 2)  The “Norman and Marion Bright Memorial Award” (CIC Canada) which is presented to an individual who has made an “outstanding contribution in Canada to the furtherance of Chemical Technology”.  In 2009, Mr. Peru received an Honorary Diploma in Science and Health from the Saskatchewan Institute of Science and Technology.

Contact info:

Kerry M. Peru
Aquatic Ecosystem Protection Research Division

Water Science and Technology Directorate
Science and Technology Branch, Environment Canada
11 Innovation Blvd.
Saskatoon, SK., Canada S7N 3H5