Student Travel Awards

To the Lake Louise Tandem Mass Spectrometry Workshop (3)

Three travel grants provided by Thermo Fisher, Waters Corporation, and AB SCIEX of $2000 (CA) to allow a senior Graduate Student/postdoctoral fellow in a Canadian University to travel to and present an o ral presentation at the Lake Louise Tandem Mass Spectrometry Workshop. Unsuccessful applications (with the exception of postdoctoral fellow applications) will automatically be considered for the Lake Louise Student Travel Awards which are open to all.

Applications for 2018 should be made by a graduate student or post-doc by a letter or email to Kerry Peru by September 07, 2018.

All applications shall include a CV and an abstract (500 words) on the nature of the MS/MS work, or MS/MS work-in-progress to be presented at the workshop. A supporting letter from the respective research director/supervisor must also be sent. This is a great opportunity for a young scientist to meet world-class mass spectrometrists in an intimate and friendly setting. Selection of the winning application will be made by the CSMS Awards Selection Committee by October 1, 2018.

To Attend ASMS (1)
Canadian Life Sciences sponsors a student travel award (C$2000) to assist a graduate student or post-doctoral fellow studying in Canada with travel to ASMS meetings. Required for application is an abstract of a poster or oral presentation accepted by ASMS. Once confirmation of acceptance by ASMS is received, applicants are to email the abstract, along with a copy of the notice of acceptance and a supporting letter from their supervisor to Kerry Peru.

The application deadline for the 2018 ASMS meeting is April 20/2018.

To Attend The Trent Conference (4)
CSMS is offering 4 travel awards ($250CDN each) for students attending the 35th Annual Trent Conference on Mass Spectrometry. The 2018 conference venue and date TBA.

To apply, please send a covering letter along with your CV and conference abstract to Kerry Peru ( These awards are open to all Masters and PhD students (Canadian or international) studying in Canada and Canadian students studying abroad as well as Canadian postdocs.

The application deadline is June 15, 2018.
PLEASE NOTE: All applicants must be members of CSMS.

Kerry M. Peru
Aquatic Contaminants Research Division
Water Science and Technology Directorate
Science and Technology Branch
Environment Canada
11 Innovation Blvd., Saskatoon, SK., S7N 3H5

Previous CSMS Travel Award Recipients to Lake Louise:
Haidy Metawally, Jason Serpa, Mona Hamada (2016) Ankit Sinha, Frederick Lamoliatte, Kyle Duncan (2015), Ling Han, Modupeola Sowole, Andre LeBlanc (2014), Dennis Orton, Chenxing (Angela) Sun, Siavash Vahidi (2013), Peter McQueen, Peter Liuni, Shaolong Zhu (2012), Daniel Beach, Yunee Kim, Justin Renaud (2011), Bradley Stocks, Christina Bell, Yang Kang (2010) Mathieu Courcelles, Sarah Elschenbroich, Dominik Domanski (2009), Brinda Shah, Janna Anichina, Elizabeth Gillis (2008), Brian Boys, Anne-Marie Boulanger & Daryl Smith (2007), Diane Mataija, Sean Bendall & Leroi DeSouza (2006), Cory Sonntag & Svitlana Shcherbyna (2005), Xian Wang, Anas El-Aneed & Jeffrey C. Smith (2004), Panos Hatsis, Michael Shirm & Julie A.D. Grabowy (2003), Brij Verma, Marie-Soleil Giguere & H. El Aribi (2002), P. John Wright & Xiu-Sheng Miao (2001), Doug Simmons & Cheryl Moody (2000), Tanya Gamble (1999), Glenn Legault (1998), Christiane Aubry (1997), Daniel Boismenu (1996)

Previous CSMS Travel Award Recipients to ASMS:
Brendon Seale (2017), Nidia Lauzon (2016), Heath Patterson (2015), Andrew Cromwell (2014), Guru-Swamy Maduguanda (2013), Joshua Buse (2012), Jingxi Pan (2011), Emma Zheng & Simon Wang (2010), Christopher Hughes (2009), Nan Wang (2008), Bryce Young (2007), Michael Fedjaev, Clement Poon, Milica Tesic (2006), Annie Moradian (2005), Rui Chen (2004), Mike Bogan (2003)

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